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Come one...come all...and claim the Kaisers! [entries|friends|calendar]
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[July 22nd, 2008]

can i claim Simons amazingly curly hair please?
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[June 4th, 2008]

[ mood | unwell ]

Errrr, I don't know if this has been claimed, but Nick's DNA, or his eyes. Or both.  Ha. 
Has anyone claimed their LUFC amp yet? That to, if no.
Thank you. Awesome community. It's class.

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[April 25th, 2007]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Hello... I would like to claim:

1. Simon's red and black striped tie (I know someone already claimed his whole collection, but I was wondering if I could steal just this one =D)

I couldnt take the tie, so I've decided to go with:

1. Ricky's various assortment of neckwhatsits he used to wear. (You know, all those necklaces and whatnot. I can't think of an official title right now ^_^)

2. Ricky's red and green stripey blazer

3. Nick's smile ::sigh::

4. Nick's voice (speaking and singing =D)

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[January 26th, 2007]

I want to claim RAY BLOCKERS :)
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[March 8th, 2006]

Hi. I want to claim:

Ricky's ability to YELL in songs


Y'know?? Lol. Kthx.

And..the person who claimed "Ricky's smile" has deleted their journal so if thats up for grabs again, Ill take that too :D
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.... [February 10th, 2006]

Hi becuase i've changed my LJ name i'd like to 'reclaim':

Ricky's eyes
Ricky's ability to pogo
and the song 'Everyday I Love You Less and Less'

thank you!!
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[February 3rd, 2006]

[ mood | cold ]

I want to claim:

[1] The 25th October gig at Brixton Academy, cos Ricky pulled me up on stage! WOOOOO
[2] Ricky's pink and black striped tie
[3] The Kaisersaurus
[4] Ricky's pink tambourine.


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I wanna claim... [January 6th, 2006]

Nick’s smile
Caroline, Yes!

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[January 5th, 2006]

[ mood | energetic ]

hi i'd like to claim:

Ricky's eyes
Ricky's ability to pogo
and the song 'Everyday I Love You Less and Less'

thank you!

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[January 5th, 2006]

I would like to claim...

1. The song 'Modern Way'.
2. Ricky's sigh that he does.
3. Nick’s little rap on Enjoyment.

That's all. XD
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[January 1st, 2006]

Can I claim Nick's face & hair please?
its rather lovely and Id like to keep it FOREVER!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And Born To Be a Dancer
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[January 1st, 2006]

I'm going to claim:

- Nanananana
- Rickys neckerchief
- Peanuts hat
- the entire Enjoyment DVD, that cracked me up... Ricky eating the smoke rings. *sigh*
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[December 28th, 2005]

[ mood | amused ]

Can I claim the 'Modern Way' video and Ricky's impression of Rooster (as seen on Popworld)?

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[December 28th, 2005]


I thought it was 5 things
Okay gimme a minute while I decide what not to claim.

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[December 28th, 2005]

I also claim

Ricky's eyeliner
Nick's sunglasses
Nick's hair (beautifullll. & shiny.)
The song 'Time Honoured Tradition'
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[December 28th, 2005]

I'll take an idea from Aubrey,

Whitey's DNA
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[December 28th, 2005]
[ mood | high ]

I'm claiming certain body parts:

1. Ricky's 3rd nipple
2. his happy trail/furry belly
3. his ass (he's so bootyfull)
4. and his gorgeous 100,000 watt smile

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[December 28th, 2005]

[ mood | bored ]

Could I please claim:

1. Ricky's cowbell
2. Ricky's blue blazer
3. The song 'Take My Temperature'
4. The song 'Saturday Night'

Merci beaucoup! :D

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Oh Oh! THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY! [December 27th, 2005]

[ mood | excited ]

Hm.. I would like to claim.. ;D

01. 'Oh My God'
02. Simon's hott hott bod (That doesn't count as a whole Kaiser, does it? o_o Unless I ask for his soul or something? If I say, 'I want Simon' it's different than his hott hott bod, right? I would also accept a clone.) Okay, lets say that I would like Simon's hott hott bod for ONE NIGHT? *Formulates evil schemes*
03. Simon's love.. >_> *Cough* Am I pushing it? Simon's love is also the equivalent of his tie/cravat collection.

04. Simon's white Fender Precision Bass *_*

MY LIST COULD GO ON FOREVER. I adore his hands >_> Have you ever just stared at them?
One of these days, when I meet him, I shall ask permission to touch his hands.
Simon's hands = love.

Uhm.. Thank you! :D



01. 'Oh My God'
02. Simon's DNA so I can make a clone.
03. Simon's tie/cravat collection.
04. Simon's white Fender Precision Bass.


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